• Website
  • Colour palette
  • Copy writing

A new website and brand identity for Synchronis, an architecture firm based in California.

Synchronis is a multidisciplinary architecture firm based in Los Angeles and San Francisco. They work with people and businesses to create solutions which are inspirational, bring positive social impact, and flexibly adapt to an ever-changing world.

In order to convey this to their target market of contractors, architects and private clients, Synchronis needed a completely new and creative brand identity and website. 

Mighty Acorn made a new website, branding colours and headline copywriting for Synchronis.


Based on research and images from downtown LA, I created a colour palette with three subdued colours combined with a bright pink accent colour to reflect the grafitti scene in parts of LA. This accent colour works brilliantly as a call to action colour.

On top of the general colour scheme, I came up with an extended colour palette for use on the fantastic illustration by Dale Crosby-Close. You can see this palette in the gallery below.

Fiery Rose


Sandy Beige


Periwinkle Crayola


Shadow Blue